Since 1993


To develop IP, procedures, and branding solutions to successfully produce and distribute products.

Mission Statement

To develop a platform for IP development, design, and innovation with a focus on the natural sciences. We strive to create the healthiest, most pure products available, complete with fully developed branding and market strategies.

Keys to Success

With a focus on the natural sciences and the unique partnership with Isolate Extraction Systems Inc., we can efficiently and effectively pursue IP development in the areas of plant oil extraction via carbon dioxide, nutraceutical products (i.e. oils, proteins, infused beverages, topicals, and soaps), and foods and flavorings (i.e. hops, tea, coffee, food flavor infusion, drinks).

Description of Business

Isolate Labs Inc. is a platform for intellectual property development focused on the natural sciences. Through existing experience and partnerships, Isolate Labs will develop products, procedures, and brands to distribute, license, and/or sell. Isolate Labs through safe eco-friendly processes, will create clean, all-natural products currently not offered in the marketplace.

In conjunction with Isolate Extraction Systems, Isolate Labs is currently developing IP, brands, and market strategy for product distribution in the essential oil and brewing industries. The brands these products with initially be sold under are Zoi (Essential Oil), and Oast House Oils (Brewing).